About Us
Company Introduction
Hongji Metal is a professional global industrial manufacturing company with corporate headquarters located in Shanghai, China. Founded in Jan 2000, Hongji is committed to producing diversified metal components, assembled products, services and solutions for the Home Security, Automotive, Consumer goods, Home Electronics industries and more. We provide customers with a one-stop solution to your manufacturing requirements andare devoted to a continuous improvement philosophy byutilizing advanced technological methodologies and unsurpassed quality control systems.
Shanghai Hongji:
Founded in Jan 2000, Shanghai Hongji is located in Jiangding District of Shanghai, China,committed to manufacturing automotive fasteners, non-standard cold forgings and machined metal parts, used in a wide array of automotive engine, chassis, door hardware, seat and reflector applications, just to name a few.
We are well equipped with multi-stationcold forging machines. Most prominentare our six die six (wiresdiameter 30MM) stations that produce intricatedesigned standard parts, non-standard fasteners and a wide array of connector parts.
With rich experience as an original design manufacturer, we provide expert design services for all types of non-standard cold forgings. Our advanced manufacturing facilities and complete quality control laboratory settingprovidesour clients with the best technical solutions to meet any need.


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