Technical Capability
Productintroduction:It is one of the new processes of metal pressure processing with little or no cutting, and it is a kind of plastic deformation of metal bythe action of external force.
Benefits:High material utilization, good mechanical properties, high production efficiency, etc.
Single station 25 sets (0# to 3extension machine), bolt specification processing range M2~M10; multi-station 20 sets (JBF-10B5S to CBP-206L), bolt specification processing range M6~M30. Plan to introduce CBP-306L and other large equipment, the bolt specification processing range will reach M40.
        We have more than 50 cold forgingequipmentt, including single-station and multi-station, the largest multi-station equipment is CBP-206L, the product processing range is M2-M30, and the maximum forming size of diametercan reach45. New factoryplanstointroduce CBP-306L and other large-scale equipment,withtheinvestment the maximum bolt specification can reach M24, the outer diameter of the formingpart head can reach 45MM, the maximum outer diameter of the casing is 38MM, and the maximum cutting material is 32MM.

Multi-station workshop

Single station workshop

Thread Rolling/Dental Rollingequipment

29 sets of thread forming equipment, the screw specification processing range is M2~M14;

5 sets of thread rolling equipment, which can process bolts in range from M10 to M30. It is mainly used for heat treatment of high-strength bolts.


Being equipped with two continuous conveyor furnaces, monthly capability can reach 540 Tons. The heat treatment processing technology and crucial parameters are full-automatically adjusted and controlled by computers and PLC. The relative production data shall be automatically noted and saved by the computer. This facility completely meets the requirement of StandardCQI-9.Inaddition,wehaveother 2 automatic high frequency heat treatment equipment.



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