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Tech & Quality
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We provide customers with a one-stop solution to your manufacturing requirements and are devoted to a continuous improvement philosophy by utilizing advanced technological methodologies and unsurpassed quality control systems.

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The research and development center of Hongji Metal consists of six teams, the mold team, production process team, CAE team, project team,the testing and repair team. All our teams work cohesively together to guarantee the highest standard of quality control and employ our continuous improvement philosophy that enhances our products and provides our clients a competitive edge in the market place.  
In addition, we utilize comprehensive engineering software including 2D and 3D simulation software that greatly aids in design and formability processing.
Our testing department includes the following measuring and analysis devices: spectrometer, friction coefficient testing, tensile testing, 3D projection fast detection system, CMM, metallographic microscope and hardness testing machines.
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Since founded, Shanghai Hongji has been dedicated to the design of non-standard cold forging process and manufacturing the parts. For the products that need several extrusions and punching, the multi-station forming machines are capable of fulfilling the molding in one stop which decreases the manufacturing processes and improves the efficiency and competitiveness.
Heat treatment: Being equipped with two Taiwan San-Yung continuous conveyor furnaces, the heat treatment processing technology and crucial parameters are full-automatically adjusted and controlled by computers and PLC. The relative production data shall be automatically noted and saved by the computer. This facility completely meets the requirement of Standard CQI-9.
Machining: Purchasing automatic lathe from Japan Kitamura and CITIZEN, the accuracy of the goods can be controlled within 0.005UM. In terms of non-standard parts or parts with large volume, we develop the design and fabrication of the professional facilities together with our suppliers. The productivity of the equipment is 40% higher than the normal one. We reduce the processing time and improve the competitiveness by combining the cold forging and machining.
Stamping: Stamping is one metal processing based on the plastic deformation of the metal. With tooling and stamping facilities pressing the sheet material, the process achieves the forming of the shape, dimension and performance by means of plastic deformation and separation of the sheet material. With large volume and good stability, the products of Jiangsu Hongji are mainly manufactured by progressive die and transferring die. We have rich experience in designing and manufacturing the deep drawing stamping part. Our stamping facilities are imported from Taiwan Seyi among which the max tonnage is of 500 tons.
Quality System

The well-equipped laboratory passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system certification. The equipment range from material chemical components, manufacturing process to finished goods testing machine. To improve the accuracy and efficiency of the testing, we invested in KEYENCE 3D optical inspection which stores the original data and output that for SPC testing.
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